Racing Gloves

Racing Gloves


    Wide range of racing gloves, that can satisfy your needs, from high end to grassroots racing situations. Top line is ONE EVO Line: high technology gloves, with 3D leather palm enforcements, leather inserts to ensure the best grip on the steering wheel, and a special design silicone webbing on the palm to avoid micro slipping. Double elastic closure on the wrist for the best fit.

    All the lines feature lightweight materials, pre curved fingers, and breathable inserts. One S line features a stylish diagonal cuff design.

    The One Evo line, hi-tech gloves, is composed whit 3d palm leather reinforcements, leather inserts ensuring the correct grip on the shift paddle, silicone webbing on the inside of the glove (avoid microslipping of the hand and fingers), double elastic wrist closure for secure fit.

    Before Ordering your pair of gloves, make sure you measure your hand correctly for a perfect fit using the chart below:

    OMP Measurement Chart

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